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E-Z Stake - Innovative Golf Course Products

Staking Made Easy


E-ZStakeThis revolutionary new golf course product will make your grounds crew very happy by letting you finish your Ground Under Repair work faster.


No more frustration trying to deal with tangled ropes. Traditional protection of Ground Under Repair areas on a golf course have required staking around the affected area, followed by the attachment of the rope to the stakes to keep the golfer away. With the new E-Z Stake this process can be completed with ease. The E-Z Stake has a retractable rope built into the pole, eliminating the tangle and the length factor from the equation, allowing you to get your crowd control needs set up in a snap.


Has the tournament course changed paths? No problem. With E-Z Stake the process simply involves untying the ropes that will automatically retract into the dispenser, allowing for quick re-deployment.

No tangled rope - Easy to use