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The History Behind Bayco Golf

Bayco Golf has been in the Golf Course Accessories business for approximately 25 years and was created by Mr. Alex Colonello.

Mr. Colonello (Alex) was a "Tool & Die" man and a machinist by profession. He was the principal owner of Bay Bronze Industries (which included a foundry). Mr. Colonello not only had the knowledge but the wherewithal to design,create, develop & manufacture his own line of Golf Course Accessories, beginning with his very first products - The "World Renowned" Bayco Ball Washers. Mr. Colonello took his products to the trade in the 80's and was met with an immediate and positive response.

In 1986 Bay Bronze Industries was sold but Mr. Colonello continued to manage it till 1996. In 1998 Mr. Colonello and a few dedicated staff purchased the golf line, moved to a new location and called it Bayco Golf Inc. Mr. Colonello and his staff created and developed a full line of golf course accessories, evident by the assortment of products you will find here on our web site today. Mr. Colonello was never one to compromise quality. This is the very basis from which Bayco Golf Course Accessories still operates and functions today. Bayco Golf strives towards developing "New", Innovative and "Exciting" products for the industry with quality of products our main focus.

In 2006 Mr. Colonello sold Bayco Golf Inc. to nother Canadian Entrepreneur in the golf industry. Mr. Colonello remained at Bayco Golf until the fall of 2008.

Since this article was originally written, Mr. Colonello has passed away. His knowledge, integrity, and dedication to the industry is, was, and always will be the reason that Bayco Golf is recognized as an Industry Leader.


The Staff at Bayco Golf


Cal Surgenor                                                                           

General Manager             



Shelley Drul

Customer Service Manager



Andrew Hunt

Customer Service/Sales Rep.



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